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Catalog No: MDL108

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Product Description

Surface-mounted decorative crystal wall or ceiling luminaire for in-door application. These units are part of Energy Saver fixtures family line of Lumux ½s product line. These units are powered with 1 watt LED. The unit gets fastened to a standard 3.0" or 4.0" J-box via an aluminum plate. The provided 120 volt driver will fit in the J-box. The printed circuit board is designed with a switch so the color of the LED could be field modified or the unit could operate as a RGB LED light source (Multi-colored light changing source). Not only these units will augment your in-door lighting design but also the soft and uniform light distribution of these units is accentuated with the different patterns of halo effects that they create on the surface.


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3 1/2

1 3/4


LAMP: (1) 1watt RGB LED. (Colors could be field modified)